CEO Message

Brig. (R) Amir Afsar Raja
Chief Executive Officer

We believe that you are value conscious client, looking for quality service provider . If you decide to hire AQSA for your security needs, we guarantee that this would be one of your wisest decisions. Founded in 1997 by a group of professionals headed by the undersigned with an aim to assist the Government in safeguarding various institutions, corporate sector , public / private sector and individuals all over Pakistan, today AQSA has come a long way ensuring safety of its clients and their assets and by the grace of
Almighty Allah has gained recognition as one of the finest security companies in Pakistan.
The secret of our success is that all our operations are developed and conducted around one pivot and that is the valued customer . AQSA works on five principles of Commitment, Credibility , Quality Services, Efficiency and Transparency . I can proudly say that our teams across Pakistan have adopted it as their motto. Our rich experience in security industry spans over T wo decades with diverse clients and numerous types of business sectors. We are well placed with our command and control system and are in a position to provide effective security to our clients, anywhere in Pakistan, at very short notice.

Our professionals work very hard to create and maintain fearless environment at your work place for smooth functioning of your organization’s operations. As the Irish writer Colm T oibin wrote, “It is terrible to be an unprotected being” .

So, try us and feel protected.